video playlist shot by b!||yzee. newer videos have great audio and compressed HD video. older videos were shot with hi8 video and the audio overmodulates. live concert videos will gladly be removed by artist request. use our contact page.

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torontorox is for fans, bands and artists in and around the t dot. Encouraging support of local talent, all music genres as well as visual and performance arts with free online promotion. Our gta friends and visitors are all welcome. torontorox isn’t just about Toronto or just about rock. Focused on performers, clubs, galleries, music shops, and all the other resources that pros, aspiring musicians, and other artists need to rock our world.
torontorox offers the ability to have a web presence via live feeds from facebook and twitter. Your gigs and other promos get out to a large target audience. Fans can find out who’s at their favourite venues or where their favourite artists are gigging. Directories of local bands are on the Bands page and venues on the Venues page.  Rox List is a compilation of other resources like music shops. The Blog page includes interviews and write-ups on artists as well as articles inspired by historical events and the state of the arts today. Use the Contact page to introduce yourself or request free promotional services.


Viletones – LIVE 2015!

Spadina Bus Reunion July 5, 2012

3kings – Sounds Like Thunder – LIVE (torontorox remix)

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Photos & videos by b!||yzee & Jake Zee unless indicated. We’ll shoot you! Musicians In Bars Getting Beer wants you for a video interview on the hit web-series.