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Serena Pryne of The Mandevilles.

A phenom in the making. torontorox recently missed an opportunity to get these guys on Musicians In Bars Getting Beer. Here’s a brief  chat with Serena Pryne of The Mandevilles and an invitation to meet at your favourite bar for a beer real soon! 😉


Q: Can you tell us about the beginnings of The Mandevilles?

A: […]

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Patrizia “Rock The Throne”

t.rox: Hi Patrizia! Would you please share the need to know info about your overall performance and your music?

Patrizia: Hello Mr. Zee! I want people to know that if they come with any preconceived ideas they will be shocked, that is “pleasantly shocked” or eyes wide open not unlike “a deer in the headlights” […]

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Ayden Jacobs of The Kid Mitchell Band

t.rox: How did it feel winning the opportunity to play lead guitar in the Kid Mitchell Band?

Ayden: When I won the Kid Mitchell Band’s guitar spot, it was awesome! I felt like I was about to cry from how excited I was and how I was going to meet Kim Mitchell and have […]

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Brennan Dylan of Men Without Armies‏

t.rox: What drew you to music and keeps you motivated?

MWA: The Simpsons really introduced me to music if you can believe it. Lisa’s sax playing, its tone and soulful vibe stirred something in me to pick up the sax when I was 10. I truly loved playing and played jazz, swing and classical music […]

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Second Pass

t.rox: Tell me a bit about Second Pass?

Steve: Second Pass are: Yours truly, Steve Pass on Guitar; Andrew Buntain plays Bass; Rich Rizzo on kit; and the very lovely and talented Veronica McNamee front and centre on vocals. Andrew and I started the band in 2008. It was an on and off project […]

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