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Horseshoe Tavern on the Tube

Great episode of 16×9 on The Horseshoe. It’s all about history; from Etta James to the Police and Stompin’ Tom to the Last Pogo, not to mention the Stones. December ‘012 was the 65th anniversary. Interviews with the Garys and Teddy the Bartender. Of course Teddy who’s been there for 26 years, recaps his […]

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…for fans and bands

Here’s a couple of terms bands need to learn like a new riff:
“Web presence” – not a downloadable Zeppelin album.
“Digital footprint” – not what happens when you throw a computer out the window.

We now live in the facebook era and like the iron age, a mace could do a lot of […]

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Torontorox will miss Sam The Record man. The neon records still spin in our
memories as the icon of old Yonge. Many good ol’ Torontonians like myself, can say
that they spent a few boxing days with Mr. Sniderman. Rest In Peace, Sam.

Although 33, 45, 78, EP, LP , wax, vinyl, gramophone records, long-playing records,
and platters […]

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