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Rockin’ For The Cure 2017

The final installment of this worthy cause at this historic location filled the fans and supporters with Hard Rock fever in a finale that flirted with early renovations. The roof can be ripped at the upcoming Automan show. Ferget about the reveal…oh! Get your tickets now!

So, shopper’s drug-mart shoppers, this rockin highlight reel is […]

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bz for tip5 – Let Me Go (Cake)

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3kings – Sounds Like Thunder

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this events page includes all local events that have invited me. hopefully, your band is sharing a weekly promo on torontorox facebook page. don’t forget to ‘like’ it and then ‘friend’ up with Billy Zee on facebook. put torontorox on the guest list and give away some tix to your party. we’ll give […]

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please donate

torontorox accepts donations to improve the service offered to the community. many services are offered to artists for free or close to it. we encourage cross promotions in exchange for free tix to the show or whatever you might want to discuss. artists and venues are encouraged to participate via third party promotions. torontorox […]

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