This interview inspired “Musicians In Bars Getting Beer” and In fact, it’s Season One, Episode One. I don’t even think either of these guys plays a musical instrument. They are both really good with films. In this case, one about musicians. See where this is going? Musicians In Bars Getting Beer is a video interview series. It’s all about the stories – tales of the road and all that.

Here’s the video interview with Colin Brunton promoting the release of “The Last Pogo Jumps Again”. torontorox speaks with Kire and Colin on the Horseshoe patio, where it all began 35 years prior. Incidentally, it was a day after Frankie Venom’s five year memorial. We miss you Frankie! Rest In Power!

This video playlist is uncut. The entire convo is available in 4 parts. Each part is only a few minutes long. Enjoy this then go see the show. Now available on DVD.