Radio stations on the social network are hereby getting a spank you very much. Like many friends, liking a radio station’s social media pages comes with an expectation of greater depth in their broadcasting mandate. For instance notification regarding birthdays, anniversaries and milestones in the history of the genre that they feature. More so, ticket info and other activity based on community involvement and events promoted.

Unfortunately, many entities have not created a specific position such as “Social Media Director”. Instead the personalities already associated with the company are expected to either have social media savvy or a great sense of humour. The social media should require research relevant to the general CRTC expectation of what is done on air. What that means is that getting a licence to broadcast music in Canada comes with a promise to educate the audience.

There is a challenge to support local talent and to that end there is a CanCon law. However, the industry is fuelled by advertising. So, if the advertisers don’t like your area’s local talent, they won’t fund it. Much discussion about the state of the recording industry makes no mention of how the networks proceed under these conditions. As Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock said, “Seeing a murder on television… can help work off one’s antagonisms. And if you haven’t any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some.” Maximizing shareholder value must be balanced between several levels and there is usually more competition than co-operation when it comes to the almighty dollar.

It’s time for the broadcasters to conduct themselves as they did in the past. Creating personalities and branding people must give way to the broadcast mandate and journalistic integrity. The oldies are true classics! They rock and the fans still pay top dollar to see the stones. However, for every 70+ rich rocker who has lost it, there is a broke kid with tons of talent.

It’s not the fans responsibility to set up pension funds that support rehab centres in southern cal. It’s the network’s responsibility to entice fans to go out and see local kids in local places; create events that build interest in your region’s night-life; make your program director’s ideas come to fruition; and maximize the return on the fans’ entertainment dollar.

Stop posting jokey pictures on your station’s social media and go do the research in the little clubs looking for the unknowns and the hidden gems. The research that torontorox does.