Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock opens the show with “Neptune Rising” to screaming Rockpile East and West fans. Then “Where The Wild Wind Blows” …the crowd away – right away. Michael hits the stage with sizzling solos and smiling with a few Flying Vs; a few tattoos; and a few straggles of blonde sneaking out from under the toque. Hey! It’s a Polar Vortex.

Schenker photo by b!||yzee

Schenker photo by b!||yzee

The Temple of Rock band was comprised of Doogie White on vox. His crooner charisma kills crowds. Rev Jones is a player. He moves with the bass and hammers it in so many positions the Kama Sutra would be proud! Wayne Findlay’s wielded ax – his seven string Trident guitar. Findlay also finesses the keys. Finally, Pete Holmes kicking it on kit. Michael’s band was joined by tour-mates, the bands, Gundriver and Ethan Brosh. Take note of these up-and-coming shredders.

Then Schenker’s band kick all ass with the seven song MSG set that started with “Armed and Ready” and segued into a stingy Scorps set with “Into the Arena”. The Scorpions tunes “Love Drive” and “Another Piece of Meat” were greedily gobbled by the Gila Monster crowd.

Temple of Rock resumed with “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” and “Horizons” and just like that, it’s area 51 filled with UFO’s tunes. The 59 year and 9 day old Schenker still has fun as he screams out, “Rock Me Rock Me!” nowhere near his microphone. Who needs a mic when you have a chrome Flying V? He got into it during the encore too. “Rock Bottom” took the Toronto crowd right to the top and leaves ’em hanging. Until the next time! This show blasts off like a rocket and leaves ears ringing. So for the finale they call for “Doctor Doctor”. Exquisite Schenker show! Finally, the bands leave the building, board their craft… and the aliens abducted our sound man! Happy Birthday Michael and Bon Voyage Jake Disman!

Incidentally, Jake agrees that one of the show’s many highlights was the bluesy breakdown/guitar solo in “Rock Bottom“.

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