Torontorox will miss Sam The Record man. The neon records still spin in our
memories as the icon of old Yonge. Many good ol’ Torontonians like myself, can say
that they spent a few boxing days with Mr. Sniderman. Rest In Peace, Sam.

Although 33, 45, 78, EP, LP , wax, vinyl, gramophone records, long-playing records,
and platters are no longer under the auspices of the bright lights and the big city,
they’ve skipped and skated to the annexes. Used record stores and vintage vinyl
vendors are the museums of pop culture. Recent history includes imports, rarities
and picture discs.

Everyone’s favourite Soundscapes on College is Little Italy’s haven for audiophiles.
Featured in many a rag tag article, the collectible music mart is the place where
every efficianado wants to work and that guy is the guy that every hippie chick wants
to be with.

June Records

This summer of 2012 brings the news: There’s a new kid in town: June! At first
glance June could be considered the kid brother or the wannabe and the boss
takes it as a compliment. Upon further investigation there is a uniqueness to June
that jumps up and kicks ass.

June has rarities and collectibles and when I walked in, good ol’ Neil Young was
spinning on one of the dual techniques 1200s. A few more steps and the Sex
Pistols Brit import stands out and screams to be raped.

This video introduces Dennis, one of the co-owners of June Records. Hey! Have a

[bd_youtube id=0EFHlYOPrII width=288 height=162 float=left]